Pearl Concert Theater At Palms Casino Resort

Las Vegas, Nevada

An Overview 

The Pearl Concert Theater is the crown jewel of the Palms Casino Resort and is part of a $600 million expansion. Since it’s designed specifically for rock concerts, it resembles a traditional performing arts center with multi-tiered lobbies and luxurious amenities. However, The Pearl can accommodate much more than music. Its versatility stems from a flat floor area in front of the stage that can be configured as an extended stage, runway, or even as a UFC fight ring. 

Surrounding this changeable space is fixed stadium-style seating arranged in an elliptical shape to provide excellent sightlines to the stage. Flanking boxes and open VIP suites are also steeply layered for full visual coverage of the stage and floor. For rapid turnover between events, floor seating can be quickly stowed away. Rigging and lighting are theater-caliber yet flexible – with high steel beams and chain hoists, riggers can suspend equipment in countless configurations. The state-of-the-art sound system fully envelops audiences. 

By merging lavish extras like lobbies and VIP sections with functional, rearrangeable space, The Pearl represents the height of adaptable arena-style concert venues in Las Vegas. Its capacities make it a draw for huge rock concerts, but its ingenious convertible layout allows the hosting of virtually any live spectacle.

The venue has a maximum capacity of 2,500 people when using general admission standing room policies. By removing chairs on the lower level, the capacity is reduced to 2,115 seats. The upper-level seating can also be closed off with motorized drapes to create different configurations.

Experience your favorite artists like never before at the intimate Pearl Concert Theater – book your tickets now for an up-close and personal concert experience!