Michael Jackson ONE Theatre at Mandalay Bay Resort

Las Vegas, Nevada

An Overview of the Show

The show is about four characters who go on a journey into Michael Jackson’s world. Each character is given an object that belonged to the artist – shoes, glasses, a hat, and a glove – which gives them certain abilities or traits of the artist. 

The first character, Clumsy, receives Jackson’s shoes and performs an acrobatic act to Bad. The second, Shy, gets his glasses and defeats warriors in a martial arts display set to two more of his hits – Jam and 2000 Watts. The third character and defacto group leader, Smarty Pants, puts on Jackson’s hat and gracefully dances to another song – Smile. Finally, the fourth character, a troublemaker named Sneaky, rocks the glove during a routine with two more songs – Workin’ Day and Night and This Place Hotel. These four characters represent each of Jackson’s key attributes: agility, courage, playfulness, and love.

The Show’s Characters

The first and ultimate character is the late Micheal Jackson, who serves as the spirit guide of the four misfits. Then, we have Mephisto, the antagonist who plays the role of the tabloid media and paparazzi. Of course, there are Clumsy, Smarty Pants, Shy, and Sneaky, who take on the various villains in the show to complete their adventure. Lastly, there are the Warriors who don the white fedoras and jackets to defeat Mephisto. Micheal Jackson lovers couldn’t get enough of his performances in his lifetime, so the show’s performers have taken it upon themselves to continue it. Their acts embody the ultimate tribute to one who’s widely regarded as the greatest entertainer of all time.

Dive into the world of the King of Pop with tickets to Michael Jackson ONE – a must-see show that brings Michael’s genius to life in a spectacular way.