Las Vegas Strip Circuit

Las Vegas, Nevada

A Brief Overview of the Las Vegas Strip Circuit

The mastermind behind the Las Vegas Strip Circuit is Carsten Tilke, son of famed Formula One track designer Hermann Tilke. Construction on this ambitious street course began in March 2022 and was completed just over a year later, in time for the circuit’s first event – the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix. The 3.8-mile track incorporates a stretch of the iconic Las Vegas Strip, taking drivers past legendary hotels and casinos that illuminate the Nevada skyline. 

The City of Las Vegas has granted Formula One a 10-year contract to use the public roads needed to make the race possible. When first unveiled in 2022, the planned layout had 14 corners. It was later tweaked with the addition of a chicane, bringing the total to 17 turns. The inaugural event promises a spectacle like no other, with F1 cars speeding under the neon lights past legendary Vegas sights and attractions.

The Layout

The Las Vegas Strip circuit is 3.8 miles long and configured in a counterclockwise layout with 17 turns. It starts in a former parking lot purchased by Formula One for $240 million, now transformed into the pits and paddock. The first complex features a hairpin turn followed by a fast right-hander that transitions from the permanent track onto public roads. Cars will speed 0.5 miles down Koval Lane before braking for a 90-degree right and sweeping left around the new Sphere arena. 

The original layout was revised to include a twisty left-right chicane section for added challenge. Exiting the chicane, drivers negotiate a fast left-hand bend onto Sands Avenue. The circuit promises excitement with high speeds combined with the tight technical sections winding past Las Vegas landmarks.

Rev up your engines and experience the thrill of speed on the iconic Las Vegas Strip Circuit – race to book your spot now before tickets vanish!