Criss Angel Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Inspiration Behind the Name

Criss Angel Theater rings a bell, not just because of the entertainment it offers to the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, but because of the person the event center was named after. Though his original name is Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos, his stage persona is Criss Angel, a celebrated American magician, musician, TV Personality, and illusionist. A true all-round entertainer, if you will, and, to no one’s surprise, one of the most successful illusionists in the world. We’re talking about a guy who generated over $150 million in tourism money for Las Vegas in just a single year. 

It’s no secret that Criss Angel plied his trade in the city of New York before moving camp to Las Vegas. He came to fame for starring in the hit TV show – MINDFREAK and the stage show – Criss Angel MINDFREAK Live. Initially, he performed at the Luxor Casino for a decade, and then he moved to the Criss Angel Theater at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. 

Criss Angel has several awards and world records to his name. In 2009, he was named the Magician of the Decade, and the following year, he bagged a Magician of the Century award from the International Magicians Society.  

For his music career, Criss was the lead singer of Angeldust, an industrial band with five albums to their name. 

Iconic Performances 

Being a massive success, the Criss Theater boasts more than 75 stage performances from Criss’ catalog of signature illusions. He also entreated his fans to his most notable demonstrations, especially the revolutionary levitation, an act hailed as the greatest illusion of all time. 

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