Awakening Theater At Wynn

Las Vegas, Nevada

Do you know that new show Awakening that opened at the old Le Rêve theater in Vegas back in November 2022? It was this wild production with music, dance, puppets – the works. They built this crazy LED stage where anything could happen. Anyway, it got decent reviews when it first opened, but after a few months, it was clear some things weren’t working. 

The choreography was a little off; the story was confusing – that kind of thing. So in February, they closed for two weeks to rework some scenes, then shut down for a longer stretch starting in April to overhaul it. The theater brought in this famous dancer, Mandy Moore, to redo all the choreography. When Awakening reopened in June 2023, it was like a whole new show! New costumes, new dances, and a much better storyline. Just goes to show how live productions can evolve over time. 

Shows to Enjoy

The Awakening Theater hosts a spectacular range of resident shows and concerts from top headliners. One ongoing highlight is Le Rêve – The Dream, a theatrically staged aquatic show directed by Franco Dragone. This production combines diving, acrobatics, aerial stunts, and synchronized swimming with dazzling visual effects and music. 

Another remarkable resident show is Boyz II Men, the iconic R&B vocal group performing their biggest hits in an exclusive concert series. 

Immerse yourself in the intimate elegance of the Awakening Theater at Wynn – book your tickets now to experience world-class performances up close in a setting that feels like home.

The theater also presents one-night-only performances by various high-profile comedians, musicians, and other variety acts. With its diverse lineup of entertainment, the Awakening Theater allows guests to enjoy premium shows and concerts in an intimate setting within the exceptional Wynn Las Vegas.