Cirque Du Soleil Las Vegas


By Cirque Du Soleil Las Vegas

A Brief History of Mystere

The idea for Mystère originally started around 1990 when Cirque du Soleil was planning a show for Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The initial concept centered around Greek and Roman mythology themes. However, the casino executives scrapped the plan because they thought it was too financially risky and very different from the typical Vegas productions they were used to. 

According to Mystère set designer Michel Crête, at that time, Vegas was still heavily influenced by Folies Bergère style shows with feathers and boas. There was already a European culture in place, not really an American one. Siegfried and Roy were the first to move away from that style and pave the way for something new.

Three years later, in 1993, Treasure Island picked up the show for their casino. This would be the first Cirque production to have its own custom theater rather than touring in a circus tent. Having a permanent home base in Vegas was a milestone. Cirque worked with the Mirage Casino-Hotel to produce the show, and the rest is history.

Since opening, Mystère has achieved some significant milestones:

  • They celebrated their 20th anniversary on December 25, 2013, with a special commemorative performance. 
  •  On December 27, 2014, they marked their 10,000th show, an incredible achievement. 
  • Another milestone came on May 17, 2017, with show number 11,111.

It’s remarkable that after over 25 years, Mystère still thrills audiences in Vegas and remains a top Cirque du Soleil production. It paved the way for their resident Vegas shows and helped evolve the entertainment landscape there.

Join the adventure that combines lighthearted fun with breathtaking acrobatics – Mystère awaits you at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino!