Cirque Du Soleil Las Vegas


By Cirque Du Soleil Las Vegas

The critically acclaimed Cirque du Soleil show, Kà, premiered in 2005 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Directed by the creative visionary Robert Lepage, Kà broke new ground for Cirque du Soleil by incorporating a dramatic storyline into the usual breathtaking acrobatics, dazzling costumes, and imaginative set designs.

The show highlights the adventures of imperial twins who are separated by war and must endure perilous journeys to reunite with each other. The title Kà refers to the ancient Egyptian concept of a spiritual double that accompanies each person through life.

With a budget of $165 million, Kà was Cirque du Soleil’s most expensive production yet. The massive theater was custom-built to accommodate the show’s elaborate mechanized set pieces, including a stage that can transform into a vertical cliff face.

Kà enthralled audiences and critics alike with its bold vision. By blending storytelling and spectacle, it expanded the boundaries of contemporary circus theater when it debuted in 2005.

The Kà theater has a unique stage design, unlike most theaters. Instead of having a regular flat floor for the stage, Kà has two massive moving platforms and five smaller lifts and platforms that seem to float through an open abyss. The stage has no floor – just a narrow walkway separating the audience from a deep pit that drops 15 stories down. 

The performance space is gigantic – 120 feet wide and 120 feet deep. The tallest point from the floor to the ceiling grids is 98 feet high. The deepest pit below the stage is 51 feet down. 

Embark on an epic journey of love and conflict – reserve your seats for Ka at the MGM Grand and witness the spectacle that has captivated critics!